Kraj. Co., s.r.o.
Teslova č. 12
Bratislava 821 02

ID: 35 844 744
VAT: SK 2021 6858 20
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Main business activities

  • Engineering activities in investment constructions – procurement services in the construction field
  • Chemical and bio engineering
  • Organisational and economic consultants
  • Geodesic  and cartographic works, consulting and advisory services in the field of geodesy and cartography, authorised checking of selected geodetic and cartographic activities ( geometrical plans)
  • Consulting in the field of road transportation and road vehicles.
  • Mediation of  purchase, sale and rental of property
  • Organising of  exhibition, courses, schoolings and seminars
Additional business activities
  • Purchase of goods for the purpose of selling in retail  and wholesale
  • Mediator in the field of trade and services
  • Advertising and promotional activities
  • Property management -  procurement services connected with caretaking
  • Rental of motor and non-motorised vehicles
  • Administrative work