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We provide comprehensive advisory and consulting services in engineering activities for investment construction, such as: 

  • Acitivities prior to planning proceedings, studies, positional plans
  • Acitivities during planning proceedings through a valid planning and zoning decision
  • Activities during construction planning proceedings through a valid building permit
  • Construction management all the way through a valid final construction inspection approval
Chemical engineering and biomolecular engineering
  • Research and data extraction from the available databases of the world’s leading universities
  • Completion and summarisation of available knowledge in the area of interest
  • Orientation and guidance in research and technological development
  • Consulting in bio-medical engineering and biomolecular engineering technologies
Geodesy and Cartography    
  • Preparation of proprietary documents
  • Review of ownership documents
  • Analysis of ownership and usage relationships in a specific territory with a proposal for a solution
  • Geodetic data for project documentation processing
  • Geometric plans for proprietary settlement of land, for focus on implemented constructions
  • Documentation for recording ownership rights in the property registry
  • Consulting and advisory services in the field of geodesy and cartography regarding applications of law # 215/1995 Z.z. for geodesy and cartography, law 162/1995 Z.z. for property registry and for records of ownership and other rights to real estate, law # 180/1995 Z.z. for measures regarding arrangement of ownership rights to real estate and other legal and technical procedures
  • Representation in cases regarding the property registry before the preperty registry representatives
Road traffic
  • Static traffic
  • Possibilities of traffic solutions
  • Transport options for sites of interest for investment constructions

Consultation mediation
  • We provide mediation of consultations with professionals in the given field of interest.
  • We provide mediation of consultations and contacts with professionals in the given field of interest within the USA and the European Union.